Happy day 6 of the 7 days of giveaways y’all from me & my friends at Aftershokz Bluetooth open-eared headphones!

December 16-22

This post is sponsored by Aftershokz and all photos are my girl Mikayla @the.photographygirls

Just a reminder:

You will have until December 29th to enter ALL giveaways (as you can still earn points by tweeting) and winners will be contacted first week of January! :]

Each year is so much fun for me to put these together with the help of some amazing companies to bring to YOU some Holiday Cheer & gifts!

It’s super simple to enter each day!

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  2. Enter each giveaway at the bottom of each blog post by following the prompts.
  3. There are MULTIPLE ways to enter EACH giveaway so the more you do, the higher your chances of winning!
  4. Winner’s will be randomly selected after the giveaways end on December 29th!
  5. All giveaways are US only (unless otherwise stated).
  6. Have fun & I hope you are introduced to some new products/companies as well as some of your favorites as well! XO


Anyone else like me and can’t workout without music?!


There are moments that I realize I don’t have my headphones and I drive back and get them…or cry in the corner of the gym.

Kidding about crying in the corner…maybe.

Y’all know I love my headphones from my friends at Aftershokz! They’ve been a mainstay not only in our giveaways each year but also in my gym bag.


Unlike traditional headphones, Aftershokz use bone conducting technology by sending mini vibrations through the cheekbones and bypass the eardrums.

Since these are open-eared headphones, they are also PERFECT for runners!


I personally LOVE using their new Aeropex headphones when I take Kita for walks because I can listen to my favorite podcasts and still have my ears slightly exposed to be able to know whats going on around me.


With 8 hours of battery life and being waterproof, you can enjoy music, calls, audiobooks, and podcasts all day long.

My friends at Aftershokz are giving away a pair of their Aeropex headphones to one lucky winner & you’ll WANT these in your gym bag!! ($165 value)

Thank you Aftershokz  & happy holidays!

Be true to you,

xo Kasey

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